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The highly growth of shipping companies and civil aviation in recent years in Indonesia has driven FTW lawyers to engage in this field of legal services. The maritime law emphasizes primarily on collision case, salvage matter, cargo claims, charter party dispute and marine insurance. Our practice also deals with shipping accidents, shipping finance, sale and purchase of ships, ship registration and execution of vessel mortgage.
The aviation law practice concerns advice and litigation on the granting of permits under the aviation act, the sale and leasing of aircraft, personal injury, freight and hull damage actions, product liability and aircraft foreclosure sales.

FTW’s aim and objective is to establish a law firm based on expertise, unswerving commitment and excellent service with a personal touch. In order to assists client by making available its lawyers’ expertise, advice, and integrity in a wide range of legal services such as commercial transaction, commercial litigation and cross border transactions and also to provide the highest and consistent of Indonesian legal services through a combination of expertise, team work and practical advise to both national and international commercial circles.

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