The FTW lawyers have been registered with the Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) and qualified to practice as capital market legal consultants. Our lawyer have advised extensively on Initial Public Offering (IPO), Rights Issue, Tender Offer and other financing issues relating to capital market transactions by Indonesian issuers and other general compliance issues including the requirements under BAPEPAM and stock exchanges regulations.
FTW’s lawyer are trusted by its independent and objective opinions on the legal issues related to the transactions made by the publicly listed companies, and thus are always required to help competent officials in valuing the legal issues of the capital market transactions to be or whether have been complied. We are familiar issuing legal opinions pertaining to capital market legal issues as required by many public listed companies.

FTW provide client with all services in the field of securities law, among others :

  • Preparing and arranging the establishment of securities companies
  • Assisting client in doing initial public offering, right issue, tender offer and other securities field.
  • Conducting legal audit for company to be public companies and or to public companies.
  • Advising clients on securities law and regulations.