About Us

FTW Law Firm is a dynamic law firm which pioneered and developed by Ms. DOMINIKA ALOYSIA TROMBINE, SH with clear highlighting on responsiveness and personal attention to the needs of variety client. FTW was established in Bali in 2000 as a partnership of legal consultants in Indonesia business law and driven to be the Indonesian full services commercial law firm in Bali.

FTW’s aim and objective is to establish a law firm based on expertise, unswerving commitment and excellent service with a personal touch. In order to assists client by making available its lawyers’ expertise, advice, and integrity in a wide range of legal services such as commercial transaction, commercial litigation and cross border transactions and also to provide the highest and consistent of Indonesian legal services through a combination of expertise, team work and practical advise to both national and international commercial circles. It is FTW’s commitment to build a solid and continuing relationship with each of its client, understanding each of their particular needs as well as to provide clients with real value of legal services through the efficient and timely delivery of required services.

FTW Law Firm is supported by numbers of talented lawyers with covered  by huge legal experiences either local or international environment. FTW is aware that  it is living in the international area like Bali then foreign languages be the excellent services. Mostly FTW’s lawyer are fluent in English as the main language to serve client and also some of lawyer may speak Japan fluently. These languages power at least be FTW’s  strength to serve any client coming.


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